Bio & Praise

Sharon Denton, Kinesiology degree from the University of N. Colorado,  Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher 500 level (E-RYT500), AFAA-CPT (Personal Training), NASM-BCS (Behavior Change Specialist), ISOD Detoxification Specialist, Freestyle Women’s Training, TRX and ACE Group Fitness.  Sharon has completed certified courses in Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras (Yog Darshan) and in Transformation Meditation. Sharon has also placed nationally & internationally in Fitness and Body Building competitions in her past.  Sharon works with clients weekly in Yoga, Personal Training and Detoxification/Herbal Guidance.  Sharon’s Mission is to initiate the process of change and ensure that her clients take the actions necessary to accomplish their goals.  She is dedicated to facilitating ongoing support, consulting and coaching to sustain the changes made by the client.

Working with clients and students since 1989, Sharon’s vast knowledge of how the body and mind works and how to optimize health and vitality is evident in her balanced approach to life.   Sharon’s energizing drive fosters her natural, innate ability to bring out the individuality that lies within us all.  Sharon acknowledges 
and embraces how fortunate and blessed she is to have the opportunity to teach yoga and work with clients one on one in yoga therapy and in personal training.  She is grateful for 
all the teachers that have come into her life, including, her husband, daughter, family, friends, students & clients.  Sharon sells Natures Sunshine products, is a distributor of BEMER, a Circulation Medical Device and  is a lululemon Alumni Ambassador and is a current Ambassador for Clever Training.

Praise:  (Highlighted praise dating back to 1991)

IMG_5180I am thankful to God for your presence at Prana Yoga and making my life more beautiful!  Your spirit is here every time I enter.  The workshops couldn’t have come at a better time for me.  Instead of being sad at the time of your leaving, instead I am inspired and looking forward that you will be here more often.

Pat Killian, 07.14.14


I first met Sharon when I worked up the courage to attend her Saturday morning class at Prana Yoga Center. I had some yoga experience, but I assumed this class operated at a higher level of intensity.  For once, I was correct in my thought process.  I’m not complaining about the intensity or the IMG_1494difficulty, I’m merely stating what I considered to be a fact.  Over time, my strength and flexibility really increased.  Sharon’s Saturday morning class really grew to become the highlight of my entire week.  Sharon is not just a very good instructor, but rather a great teacher.  The classes were always a different focus.  The variety or asanas was varied week to week and I could count on the fact that by Monday morning, when the operating bell sounded to start trading and I raised my hands over head, my triceps always said hello, because of the hard work that we did Saturday morning.  Eventually, I became a yoga teacher myself.  Sharon is my role model. Just like I experienced in her classes, I want my peeps to work and still leave watch a big smile.  I will repeat what I told Sharon, “If I can become 10% of the yoga teacher that she is, I will be a raging success!” When Sharon left Prana Yoga Center to go to Florida, I knew that her exit created a void that would never be filled completely.

Joe Schatz,  06.27.14


IMG_7072Sharon has been my dearest friend and mentor for 12 years. She inspired my path, my lifelong love for this practice of yoga and for this I am forever thankful. I was a young mother searching for groundedness and in our friendship.  I found my mommy strength and my calling to inspire and encourage yoga students. I watched and listened to every word, every que, the demonstration of each pose and I learned more in her classroom than all my teacher training a combined.

Diana Piedra, 08.22.13


IMG_1920Her heart is Light.
I met Sharon at a Parayoga teacher training years ago. She stood out as a generous and beautiful reflection of the fruit of practicing yoga. Sharon is not only a lovely person, kind, caring and intelligent, but her heart is Light and she illuminates everything that comes to her. Her knowledge that we are all connected is woven into her every breath. She is an amazing soul. If you can take classes with Sharon, I most certainly would not miss the opportunity. If you want to know yoga, just being in her presence will inform you. Her energy of love, compassion, understanding will help you transform, as she well knows this is available to each one of us. Her model of devotion, faith and surrender will wisely guide you on your journey.

Karen Palaszek, 08.20.13


IMG_1498Passionate…about her life.
I have known Sharon for many years. Back in her home town of Denver, Co. Where her study of Yoga started. She is an exceptional teacher in yoga, nutrition and all over holistic view point.
My own Yoga has been spotty becasue of illinesses. Sharon has been through my Breast Cancer, Reconstructive Surgeries, loss of my sight due to detached retnas ( no down dogs). And I am thrilled to say that I now pratice 4 to 5 times a week.
She never gave up encouraging me to practice life and that I am worth it. I feel better mentally and physcially. Becasue I listened to her wisdom and took it.
Patty Vondra 08.20.13


IMG_1915One of the greats.
I first started taking yoga when I was seven, watching “Lilias Yoga & You” when I couldn’t sleep! Many years went by when I wasn’t practicing, and then I began again for real in 1998. I have taken classes with many yoga teachers, and I can honestly say that Sharon has been the most inspiring yoga teacher of them all. Truly one of the greats — and her energy, love, spirit and skill shine through in every class she teaches. I cannot tell you how sad I was when she moved away!

Jane Driesen


mailWords are hard to describe….

Words are hard to describe what an amazing teacher Sharon is. I have been a Mysore student of hers for a few months now. Mysore- the practice has been life changing for me… and I know it’s without a doubt b/c of Sharon. I feel so safe and grounded in her presence. She is so loving and gentle, but also encourages me to go deeper when appropriate. She’s very in tune with my body and energy. Her instruction is very easy to understand, and she’s helped transform my practice already. I am so blessed to have her as a teacher.

Blair W. 08.11.13


cropped-IMG_1159.jpgMy Yogini

It’s hard to talk about Sharon and not cover everything she is as a yoga teacher and as a person.
Sharon is my Yogini. I studied with her as my primary one on one instructor for almost 2 years and that time was an incredible experience.
To say that she’s a phenomenal yoga instructor is an understatement!

_MKP5572Her knowledge and experience is vast but that’s not all that she’s about. She doesn’t just teach the yoga positions but always reminds you of the spiritual part of the practice. There are no shortcuts or ego moves, it’s about the traditional form of ashtanga.
With all that she makes the practice an extreme pleasure. By being lucky enough to have her tutelage I advanced much quicker than I ever expected to and because of this yoga has become my addiction.
I used to laugh inwardly when doing Mysore and from the other side of the room I would hear her remind me to breath, etc. She’s always tuned in to her students.
She is very humble and sweetly so and has great patience and love for what she does and for her students.
She always reminds me, breathe, gaze and bandhas
Regardless of whom I train with in the future Sharon will always be my Primary Yogini!

Bernie, 7.31.13


IMG_1161Her eyes say it all

I have been a student at White Orchid Yoga in Clearwater for two years, taking a variety of classes there as well as Ally Ford’s 200-RYT teacher training program. Sharon is a master teacher there.

She is an intuitive, graceful and gracious instructor and I have recently started Mysore classes under her direction. Sharon has such a depth of knowledge of anatomy and physiology that when she lays her hands on you to adjust or move you into a posture, a small miracle occurs. She doesn’t say much but performs her adjustments gently but with strength that comes from experience and training …. She gives you a little smile while her eyes say it all: “You can do this. You will improve. I think you’re doing wonderfully.” We all need to hear that and in Sharon’s case she speaks with her eyes.

I am very happy to know Sharon-ji and appreciate the time she takes with each student (me also, of course :-)). She’s a real yogic angel!!!

Louise Ash, 7.11.13



My friend and my inspiration
I have been going to the White Orchid since June of 2011 and affectionately refer to it as ‘my happy place’. All of the instructors and the owner, Coni Pappas, genuinely care about the students and continually welcome you as if it’s your first time there.

Sharon noticed that I hadn’t been there for several weeks in November/December of 2012 and contacted me to see if I was alright. I had suffered an injury that left me with limited use of my left side (and I’m left side dominant) to the point where I could not do a push up and was undergoing 7-8 weeks of physical therapy to get my strength back in that side.

IMG_8827Sharon kept in contact with me to see how I was doing and encouraged me to try the Mysore practice when I was ready to come back. As a 5’11” man who weighed 240 pounds and refer to myself as “an aircraft carrier surrounded by destroyers” when I took my normal flow classes, I was absolutely certain that I was not competent enough to do a Mysore class. Sharon talked to me about Mysore and the benefits she felt I could achieve and referred me to several online resources to get additional information about my questions and perceived lack of ability to do Mysore. She also volunteered to personally answer any questions I had that were not covered in my online research.

I finished my physical therapy on Friday, February 1, 2013 and hesitantly showed up for Mysore on Monday, February 4, 2013 and told her, “I am in your hands”. After the first session, Sharon talked to me about my eating and lifestyle habits, and made some valuable suggestions. To make a long story shorter, I go to Sharon’s Mysore class every day Monday to Friday and actually dread ‘moon days’ because there is no Mysore and we are supposed to rest our bodies on those days. My weight has steadily IMG_5242-300x283declined from 240 pounds on 2/4/13 to 205 as of today and I feel fantastic! I am stronger than I have been in ages and most people tell me that I don’t look the 58 years old that I am.

Sharon asked about the nature of my injuries (which will be with me for life) and has given me alternate techniques for certain postures to use to better my practice and build my strength without putting me at unnecessary risk of further injury.

mail-1Everybody, including other students and instructors, has noticed the physical changes in my body and my practice, and I can tell you that I have not had one morning in the five months I have been doing Mysore where I woke up dreading going to class.

Sharon understands that all students react differently to touch or ‘adjustments’ and she just has the knack of knowing of when and where a student needs that touch or adjustment at just the right time. In addition to my personal experience with her healing hands, I have heard many fellow students say quietly to her that ‘you have great hands and just know exactly where and how to use them’. Even though she treats every student as special, she has the knack of making you feel like you are the only one that matters during whatever brief or extended time she spends with you.

Lastly, I would like to address her smile and her heart because they are connected and she is genuine. I have never seen her be anything but a calming and encouraging influence through her words, her actions, her touch, and her smile. She is truly a spiritual woman dedicated to her family, her higher power, her friends, and her students. I feel blessed to have her in my life guiding me on my journey to better health and a calmer life, and I feel more blessed to be able to also call her a friend.

She is real and she is awesome!

Aaron Whitaker, 7.9.13



IMG_2122Having you as my teacher this past year has been such a wonderful experience.  This is the first time that I  have a true mentor and I can;t thank you enough for all your support and friendship.  You have such a special way in the Mysore room.  I have so enjoyed learning from you and seeing your beautiful smile everyday.  I will always be grateful to you, my dear teacher and friend, for sharing your love of Ashtanga and showing me the kind of teacher I aspire to be one day.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your endless patience, your humor, and your gentle, but, encouraging way.  You will be in my heart as I continue my practice in DC and I will always miss you so very much.

I love you,
Lindsay, Clearwater, FL, May 2013


cropped-Prana00161.jpgDear Sharon,  Just a quick note to say thank you for your compassionate and generous teaching while I was visiting your studio last week.  It was a lovely treat, and I look forward to visiting again when I can.  With Gratitude

Beth, Indian Trail, NC, 4.15.13


SD_057Hi Sharon – THANK YOU so much for your insight and assistance today…that was seriously the best practice I have ever had. When I let go of my fear of injury I felt my practice go so much deeper today and I have a lot more trust with it. There was a huge weight lifted that I didn’t even know had existed and it felt awesome! Thank you, thank you, thank you! I hope you have a beautiful weekend and I’ll see you next week in class.

Katy, Clearwater, FL, 2.1.13




IMG_1909I have to say after taking yoga with you for two years, three days a week (albeit a LONG time ago), I can not seem to find a studio that isn’t so “yappy”. I have come to appreciate the quiet and inner focus you offered. Joking is great, but it’s not my thing during a class. I’d be shocked if you even remembered me. 🙂 I really kept to myself, but, you were so great at respecting that and still always helping to correct my poses! You are a rare teacher. Although I think it’s great that yoga has become so popular, there are  not enough places who get it right. I think people are missing the authentic experience of the practice. Had I not worked with you, I’d have never know the difference and I don’t think I would have fallen in love with yoga.  I am grateful for the opportunity to let you know that all these years later my gratitude for what you have given and taught was priceless. Thank you for everything Sharon.  Your influence will always be cherished.

Maureen, Naperville, IL 1.18.13


SD_074At 62 1/2, I am still doing practicing Yoga because of YOU
You have inspired so many people to BE …
I hope you visit Saint Charles soon
Nancy, St. Charles, IL 12.14.12





PranaYogaCenter-80In a few weeks I will be graduating from my Yoga Teaching Training and I can’t help getting all giddy inside when I think of the kind of yoga teacher I envision being. Sharon Denton, you inspired me the 8 years I was privileged to practice with you, and I still carry your teachings in my heart. I only hope to impact people’s lives the way you impacted MINE!! Namaste ♥

Julie Jepson, 12.14.12



IMG_1938*Hi Coni,

I am the person you met from Chicago when I came to practice at the Clearwater studio during Thanksgiving. Sharon introduced you to me because I had said how much I appreciated your heartfelt letter you had sent to all on November 2nd..

I don’t have Sharon’s email, but I wanted to get a message to her, so I hope you don’t mind that I am going through you. I had shared with Sharon that we had a mutual friend, Jill Glavan. She was so excited! What I didn’t know, until I came home and talked to Jill, is that Sharon also knows Kristen Mansch. In fact, it is Kristen who introduced Sharon to Jill. I practice with Kristen every Saturday. When I came back from Florida and went to my Saturday Class with Kristen, I told her I practiced with Sharon and Kristen was ecstatic. She was so excited that I met Sharon and couldn’t say enough good things about Sharon. So I wanted Sharon to know. J All I can say is, WHAT A SMALL WORLD!!! J

I would greatly appreciate you passing this on to Sharon. I wish you and the rest of the team a very beautiful and blessed Christmas. God bless…………

Lovingly, Mary


SD_092Please know that stumbling into yoga several years ago was life changing. I attended class with you as my instructor at least three times a week, and would have gone everyday if I could have. What I learned in your classes have stayed with me through my daily life, and has positively affected my parenting style. Being in your classes taught me more about myself than any self help book I could ever teach! INFINITE GRATITUDE for that, Sharon!

Just prior to becoming pregnant with my 3rd child, I broke my toe, and couldn’t practice yoga! And sadly, after I had my third child, I went back to Lifetime in Warrenville, only to see that you were gone, and the structure of the yoga classes had changed drastically. Not long after, I ended up with a substantial injury to my wrist that kept me from practicing yoga at all for several years.Prana0108

Over the last three or four years, I have been in and out of studios, never finding a great studio to practice yoga. I would be so very grateful for referrals from you for a place that can offer teachings similar to yours. It was the years of practicing yoga with you when I felt the best, both physically and emotionally.

Many blessings to you and your practice Sharon. You are a true gift to your students! Thank you again, from the depth of my soul for all that you taught me!

With kind regards,
October 2, 2012


SD_064Your beautiful adjustments, breathe, spirit, etc were soooooooooo very helpful to me this a.m. My body said, “Ahhhhh, it’s about time you were back in one of Sharon’s classes” 🙂 Bless you. You are clearly doing what God intended you to do, you have a gift.

Anne L. July, 2012



PranaYogaCenter-69Sharon always has a bright smiling calmness about her.  She’s a phenominal teacher and she doesn’t just teach the yoga positions.  Because of her deep knowledge of Yoga, she’s always pointing out the little particulars.  She has great energy, which is why I have been training with her.  Her classes are excellent and the time seems to fly by.

Bernie O.
June, 2012


IMG_1911Your presence at the Prana Yoga Grand Opening Celebration certainly contributed to the spirit of this event.  Being part of your three yoga sessions was indeed for me always life changing.  I am truly blessed to know you and to be a student of a very dedicated teacher.  For all you Floridians, some retired, and some raising a family, I encourage you to take up the practice of yoga.  You are very fortunate, because, Sharon Denton is not only an exemplary human being but a teacher of students on all levels.  Find her, practice with her at her studios and watch the miracles come into your life.

Your special ways and generous heart make a beautiful difference Sharon.  Thank you so much.

Patricia J. Killian, 70 years old, October, 28, 2010
Student at Prana Yoga Center, Geneva, IL


SD_028I am that gal who was visiting Dunedin last week and stopped in White Orchid for the power class on Wednesday. But it was only me, plus your daughter. So this is just a quick note to say how much I enjoyed your class, and all the adjustments, and how sorry I am that you didn’t move to Fort Worth. You are a great teacher and very inspirational. I look forward to catching your class again when I next visit family.



_MKP5835I remember the first time I came to Sharon Denton’s yoga class.  A friend pulled me over to meet her and Sharon turned and smiled her warm embracing smile at me.  I felt welcomed and loved from that very moment!  Sharon lives yoga and radiates love.  Her classes are true to yoga in that they meet you where you are.  She has an amazing talent to teach group classes that keep everyone feeling comfortable yet challenged to be the best they can be, while she subtly weaves the Yoga Sutra teachings throughout the practice.  I have grown in my practice and life because of the hours I’ve spent as a student with Sharon.  Sharon has added an amazing light to my life!



IMG_1947I want to share with you and “excerpt” from my journal. It is so interesting, when letting everything go like I have tried to do….who and what came into my head.  In December I was at a yoga ashram in Rishikesh, India.  We fasted a few days each week, which meant no talking (or writing or reading…) and eating only fruit.  During one silent fast, our “yogi” spoke about the difference between having a quiet mind and a silent mind.  ‘Quiet’ means calming the inside thoughts and input form your senses, whereas ‘silent’ is serenity.  Somone who is silent has found inner peace.  Being in the presence of someone like this, others can feel their positive energy;  they can actually feel better themselves.  And you know, the person who came to my mind was Sharon Denton.  She exudes peace and serenity.  Nadine and I have both agreed that she has an aura that feels good to be around.  I hope I can have that affect on people someday.

Stephanie K, Chicago, IL


SD_070Thank you, Sharon!  Your classes brought me back to the reasons why I began practicing yoga in the first place.  I had lost sight if that for a while as truly excellent teachers are hard to find.  So, thanks you!

Doreen, Naperville, IL




_MKP5727Being a student of the subtleties of consciousness, I can attest that yesterday’s workshop brought my consciousness to a state of calmness, lucidity and peace.  My perception of colors and the forms that bound them was amazingly acute and one of profound clarity, as if my awareness had switched to one of high definition.  This all took place after the extended meditation, as if the asanas, pranayama and meditation slowing prepared my body and mind for what was to follow.  This state of awareness lasted until I went to sleep.  I still feel great this morning.  Although I have been here before, it is always wonderful to return.  Thank you for providing the opportunity to do so.  I truly look forward to you next workshop.




SD_067Sharon’s yoga classes are more like profound journeys taken within oneself, void of any temporal or physical limitations.  This journey can be a metaphor for your life.  There is a vast energy to be found underlying inside you, resting at your authentic self.  Sharon is able to help you peel away the layers and shine through her loving guidance, meditative focus, powerful words, special intuitive sequences and pauses in asanas, and keen alignment cues/adjustments. One cannot help but to leave her class glowing with a feeling  of transformation, lightness, strength, joy, and serenity. It is a huge gift all wrapped into one. The best part is that I am then able to share this energy with those whom I encounter so that it may grow and be passed on.

Sharon is a gift and has a gift. One that I’ve witnessed become stronger and deeper over the years. I first attended her classes in 2002 after practicing Hatha yoga for 4 years or so. I was instantly intrigued, excited and maybe a little bit scared!  Much of what I learned about myself in the following months during class helped me to make big decisions in my life such as traveling and working throughout the western U.S. eventually on to Hawaii, Alaska and New Zealand/Australia. I went on a grand IMG_5222adventure, taking yoga classes everywhere I went, definitely keeping a base of what I learned from Sharon with me.  After following my bliss back home, I was fortunate to re-connect with Sharon’s classes. I have since found them to be even more inspiring, cleansing, balancing and healing.  Her intuitive sense has heightened and the unique quality of the yoga she brings to life is even more personal and enhanced. It is so refreshing to witness the living, breathing, organic quality of transformation that yoga and meditation have on your instructor as well!

I feel blessed to be a part of the energy Sharon brings to her classes. She has truly been a blissful healer in my life!

Rebecca Anderson


SD_019I have been practicing yoga for approximately 5 years.  Some of my yoga instructors have been good and some of them have not been so good.  I have had the good fortune to have a few excellent instructors.  I consider Sharon to be one of those excellent instructors who never ceases to amaze me. She is totally devoted to yoga and her students.  I have learned a great deal from her in a short period of time.

I use to enjoy going to yoga conferences every now and then trying to seek out those yoga masters with a name and reputation of being the best of the best.  But since I have been taking Sharon’s classes I find myself going to fewer yoga conferences to seek out well known yoga practitioners because quite frankly I do not need to travel any further than Sharon’s classes to find what I was looking for.  I cannot thank you enough.

David Turpin


IMG_1932I wanted to thank you for the yoga that you bring to life.  It has such a profound effect on me that I find myself inspired to explore more and more and go deeper.  I feel like a fresh her person each time I leave your class and I know I am getting closer to my true self.  You are truly amazing!!!




IMG_7070Sharon taught a kick ass class and worked us hard, but she also included lots of yoga philosophy.  I loved all the wall work she did and I liked that she built up a lot of heat without even doing one sun salute–she has a fresh, unique approach.

Lori Gaspar




SD_030A long-time Zen practitioner, I was looking for ways to deepen my practice by harnessing my bodily energies through yoga. I searched several months for a teacher that could integrate Raja, Hatha and Tantric yoga techniques while still practicing Zen.  Then I found Sharon. The way Sharon combines dharana, asanas, pranayama, bandhas, chanting, the music (both pre-recorded and live!!!) and her individualized instruction make her practice a very spiritual one for me.  Sometimes the experience resonates deeper than at other times, which of course depends on my personal state of body, mind and soul.

It is not a rare occasion where after her practice I feel a physical openness, a freedom of spirit and cleansing of impurities that is deeper than ever before. I bow in respect and gratitude for the energy, ingenuity, knowledge and spirituality that Sharon shares in her classes and encourage those of you thinking about practicing with Sharon to do so. The flute’s whisper of transcendence in the stillness of the moment, lightness and brightness in the midst of demanding activity, Sharon’s practice is a spiritual oasis in life’s desert.  Drink deeply my friend and leave with your endorphins firing!

Peter Harris


SD_054I have been practicing yoga for over 10 years and have been exposed to many instructors over this time.  Sharon is much more than an instructor. Your class time with her, in my opinion, is not just a “practice”, but a journey.  This journey through “you” is led by Sharon’s eloquent words and in-depth knowledge of yoga, the body and the spiritual teachings of the Yoga Sutras.

Lisa Bessler


mail-2What I like best about Sharon’s class is the total safety I feel–both physically and mentally– to explore both body and mind to the fullest extent possible.  Her teachings reflect a depth of knowledge of the total range that yoga has to offer.  She offers many levels on which to practice so I am able to work at exactly my capacity.  A caring atmosphere permeates her class.  I am always up for going to it no matter how I feel.

Marcia Harmon


IMG_5148I have been diligently meditating now for 45 minutes to an hour everyday and in my meditation have been working on solidifying my awareness in the witness.  Of course I know this is a lifelong process and find my buddhi (discerning mind) shifting b/w ego and awareness throughout the day, but I was able to maintain that awareness throughout your class yesterday and found a beautiful grace and ease within my practice from the work that I have been doing in combined with your precise verbiage.  So, finally, thank you, it was the right teacher, the right words at the right time and I will continue to cultivate it.  I also had one of the most profound meditations yesterday maintaining complete stillness in the mind for 15-20 minutes and I credit you for that as well!

Karen Weber



I will miss you very much…you have taught me more then you will ever know! I hope that our paths will cross again, because you are a remarkable women and such a form of inspiration to me.

Thank you for your dedication and wonderful ability to teach on both a physical and mental level.  You are awesome!

Namaste and peace,

Kelli Calzaretta


mail-5I wanted to share a comment that someone made about you after Monday’s class:  “Isn’t she amazing.  No matter who you are or what level you are, she makes yoga for you”.

I also wanted to thank you for everything you have done for me and everything you do for yoga to keep it as pure and true as possible, yet custom fit to suit each person.  It is such an amazing and healing practice, bringing life and energy, instead of depleting it.  Thank you for introducing me to yoga.  You have helped me redirect my life in a positive and authentic way.  Namaste.

Kimberly Hayes


SD_119Thank you for bringing us the gift of yoga this past year.  Having spent a few years with one Rodney Yee dvd, I had some of the poses but none of the peace.  Your class opened up so much more for me, for example, the spiritual and psychological dimensions of the practice.  I knew it was there, but could not access it alone.  Your dedication, genuineness, and commitment to yoga’s path have taught me many things.  And what a gift for all of us (otherwise “deperate housewives”) to share in this deeper way learning with beginners mind from what you brought to share.  Thank you.



We have both practiced yoga for many years through self study as well as with schools of Yoga and Vedanta in Manhattan and San Francisco.  We began to study with Sharon 2 years ago, and truly feel blessed to have her as a teacher.  Sharon introduced us to the vinyasa flow style of asana practice, and through our studies with Sharon we have both progressed a great deal in our individual practices.

SD_027Sharon is a teacher who, in our opinion, epitomizes what a yoga instructor should be.  She brings enthusiasm and joy to each class;  she continues her own studies, constantly bringing new lessons to her students; and she respects and encourages everyone both in and out of yoga class.  Sharon lives the lessons that yoga teaches.

Sharon’s classes incorporate the yoga techniques of asana, pranayama, imageskriya, chanting and meditation. Sharon instructs her students on the anatomical and physiological benefits of asanas as well as the more subtle energetic processes.  She includes passages from the Yoga Sutras and other Vedanta texts in a natural uplifting manner in her classes.

_MKP5567Her classes are designed to accommodate students with a wide range of experiences, leaving the choice to stay at beginning level or move into more advanced levels to the student.  Sharon demonstrates asanas and offers adjustments.  She emphasizes her role as a guide and encourages each student to follow their inner teacher.  There is never any pressure to perform in Sharon’s class- if someone would like to spend time in child’s pose, that is respected.  By the same token, students who with to be challenged always are.  That is what makes Sharon’s class special.  Everyone is welcomed, and everyone grows.

Kate Mason & Raj Bendre


SD_079Sharon has an exceptional understanding of techniques.  Her knowledge extends beyond basic instruction.  She is constantly walking around giving adjustments, making sure nobody is in an awkward pose which could cause discomfort.  Sharon has been a true inspiration not only to my personal practice and teaching, but also in life!

Samantha Raphael


IMG_1932You are so great at sending Thank you notes.  You are a great inspiration to all the people on our planet who should be saying ‘Thank you’ more often.  Your teaching yoga comes from your heart.  Out of all the teachers I have known you are the purist and bring the most joy to my mindful meditation.  Keep up your amazing path that transcends your students into true bliss through the calmness of our unsettled minds.

Judy Siek


IMG_1922*Dear Monica,

I believe you are the manager of Lifetime Fitness Group Fitness Staff. I wanted to take the time to email you and your staff and say job well done!  It is not often, if ever that I follow through with a letter of thanks to say you are doing a great job.  However, in this instance I thought it was very appropriate.

I was in your tuesday morning yoga class on September 21, 2004 when a young lady in the class passed out.  I believe she was suffering from dehydration as was evident in her unresponsive nature when coming to the fact that she admitted to not eating breakfast or hydrating.

I want you to know that I am a local physician and cover many sporting events providing emergency medical needs with my staff.  I was highly impressed by Sharon’s quick responsive nature and her control of the class. I have been in other workout facilities and have taken part in assisting them with accidents.  I do believe your staff ranks number one in my eyes.

I feel very comfortable in your facility and hope that the rest of your members feel the same way too.

Thanks Again,
Joanna Schultz


IMG_1855I have been a student of yoga for several years.  I have been to many yoga teachers, both local favorites and internationally recognized yogi’s , however, it is through experiencing Sharon’s Vinyasa Hatha Yoga class that has inspired me to practice yoga on an on-going basis.

To practice under the direction of Sharon is to truly experience the entire beauty of a complete yoga class.  She has continuously cultivated my desire to learn and practice more spiritually, more connected, more peaceful, and more balanced.  Her knowledge of Yoga’s history, philosophy and instrumental teachers throughout the years is enlightening to experience.  Sharon quotes the masters and brings their words and lessons into our day to understand the true meaning, the true concept.

To make the yoga practice and experience complete, her knowledge of kinesiology and physiology are of great benefit to all who participate.  We are made to understand the dynamics of each posture from a physical, emotional, and spiritual aspect.  The mind body connection is an integral part of her teaching.  Sharon’s word’s truly empower us to be present, focused, and bring our practice and positive energy into our daily lives.

I also feel very secure in learning to develop each posture.  Her direction gives me the power to take the pose to the next level safely, with step to step instruction, or to reap the benefits from staying at level one without feeling obligated to move forward.

In the spirit of a true yoga practice, Sharon is yoga to me.  She is a teacher I would strive to become.  She is an awesome example of the enormous spiritual and physical benefits of yoga.  She is a friend and continuously shares her beautiful spirit with everyone who walks through the door.

Kathy Scott


SD_105Sharon’s love for yoga comes through in every single session she teaches.  She demonstrates so much knowledge and passion that it resonates through out the room.  She has brought yoga to a part of the country that is extremely fixated on material things such as cars, money, houses, and has taught these people what truly is relevant, important and truth in life and being.  I am so lucky to have her as my teacher and could probably name 100 people that feel the same way.

Judy Siek


DSC_0175Sharon has been able to touch all of her students in such a nourishing way.  She has transformed the lives of many students!  In addition she is responsible for getting many new students involved in the yoga practice. The outpouring of hugs and love that is shared by Sharon and students is a testimony to the harmony and grace she brings to the lives of many.

Sharon is such an inspiration to all!  She lives and breathes yoga.  As one of her students for 3 years, I can tell she has changed my life!  She has been so inspirational in teaching me to explore, to sharpen my mind, be peaceful, to dance, to soften my heart, be renewed, to be playful, to be strong, to feel beautiful and most of all,,,to see, feel and live with my heart!

Monica Zecher


IMG_1913Thank you so very much for sharing your knowledge, education and hard work. You have become such an inspiration in the practice of yoga.  Your patience and individual concern is such a gift.  I obviously am barely touching the surface, but every session with you brings more into the aha!!! factor.  I especially savor your music and reading selections and of course will always welcome suggestions, reading and continuing growth.

Karleen Schwander
October 2003


IMG_1933Sharon has been my personal trainer for about 4 years.  In that 4 years she has shown the highest level of competence and dedication to my goals around improving my physical well being.  During workouts, she shows a commitment to teaching proper technique and the benefits that it brings.  Equally, she shows the same commitment to my dietary needs. Sharon treats all aspects of my training as an ongoing project, making necessary adjustments as she sees fit and educating me on the how’s and why’s.  This sort of dedication convinces me of my continued success.

Additionally, Sharon has the most energetic and positive attitude of anyone I have ever met.  She truly enjoys her work and the people she has the opportunity to work with.  This approach seems to come very naturally of her and makes me feel more like a friend and less like a client.  I would recommend Sharon’s services to anyone, with the highest level of confidence that they would be completely satisfied.

Mike Kloverstrom


Prana0020Approximately 4 years ago, I met an energetic young lady named Sharon.  I attended a step aerobics class, which she taught, and was impressed with the way she conducted the class and herself.  I felt there was something special about this person and the fitness knowledge she possessed.  I began to train with her on a regular basis and quickly came to realize that she practices what she teaches, and continues to gain knowledge about her profession.  Over the years, I have observed Sharon grow into a professional and successful individual.  She is also a client of mine, in which the maturity beyond her years is apparent when it comes to handling business side of things.

Sharon exhibits sting interpersonal skills and is very good at helping the individual strive to be the best they can.  The ability to lend guidance or the ability to lend an ear, are just a few of Sharon’s assists.  Her excellent teaching techniques and dedication to achieve higher standards in the health industry make her an outstanding example for the fitness community.

Roni K. Hinkson

SD_120I have worked with Sharon as a client for 3 years.  Sharon’s outstanding qualities and skills include professionalism, business management, dependability, maturity and follow through.  She is abreast of the fitness and nutrition industry to ensure her “expert status” and customer satisfaction.  Sharon’s level of energy and commitment to the fitness community is obvious in everything she does.  I consider her an asset to any endeavor.

Pamela Hellmann


IMG_2676I met Sharon shortly after my arrival in Denver in 1997.  Sharon’s kindness and support was undoubtedly a gift to me for knowing no one in the Denver area.  Sharon shared her knowledge of the Denver area, community and all her friends and Sharon made me feel secure with my difficult transition to Denver.

Sharon’s loyalty is one of her outstanding traits.  Not only in her personal life but in her business life as well.  She has set high standards in her business and shares them on a duly basis with her personal training clients and her nutrition clients.  As a young woman who has taken on the challenge of her own business, she implements structures business planning, organizational skills, and of course continued education to improve her knowledge of the body, fitness, yoga and nutritional needs for her clients.

I have had the opportunity to work with Sharon in the gym training, and am a client of her nutritional supplements.  After hurting my back on a Friday evening, Sharon showed up at my door on a Saturday morning to give me supplements and then again in the evening to give me a cream for the pain. I never had to ask her for help.  Sharon went out of her way to help and comfort me.

My correspondence may sound a bit personal, but I have owned my own Insurance Agency for 19 years.  I believe that business conducted by authentic people, who believe in relationship development are key to my business of a person’s finical security, and your business of a person’s body and fitness.  Sharon puts a very human quality into everything she does, professionally and personally.  Not something you see in today’s business world.

Patricia Vondra


SD_117Sharon and I met about 5 years ago when I hired her as my personal fitness trainer.  This was her first year out of collage and she was extremely professional, organized, knowledgeable, and of course personable.   She had (and has) a passion to influence and motivate people to find their best in themselves both physically and emotionally.  It is this passion that propels her to continue learning what is new in the fitness and wellness fields in order to be a more influential and knowledgable role model for her clients.  It was this experience with her that influenced my direction in school and professionally.  I genuinely consider her as my personal role model, as she was the pivotal link between my professional life as a student and my professional career as a fitness trainer.

Sharon is ambitious, smart, resourceful, and extremely considerate.  She knows how to follow something through to the ned as shown by her personal performance in fitness competitions and by effectively helping her clients reach their goals.  She also is the type of person to always remember a person’s name and will send them greeting cards for their birthdays, holidays, and special occasions.  I share that with you only because those qualities are so appreciated by people whether personal or professional in relation.

In short, Sharon is a gold mine.

Corinne Kingery
Generations Exercise


Prana0055Don’t ever forget to stop and think about your many gifts and talents.  You are such a special person!  I cannot tell you how thankful I am, along with many others, that you have been such a big part of my life.  You are one individual I will never forget.  You have impacted me in ways you’ll never know.  Thank you!  Thanks for all the hugs and smiles, workshops and mainly for your example.  I don’t need to wish you luck because I know you will successfully soar and unforgettably impact everyone you come in contact with!  Enjoy yourself!  Keep Smiling and live each day to it’s fullest.

Alyson Hoberecht
August 1994


mail-5It is my distinct pleasure to recommend Sharon to you.  I have known and worked with Sharon since August, 1990.  Sharon is an active resident of UNC’s Residence Life operation and as exemplary employee of our HELM program.  For the past 2 years, Sharon has performed duties of Coordinator of Exercise Leaders.  As the Coordinator, Sharon is responsible for selection, training and supervision of 15 Exercise Leaders.

First and foremost I want to emphasize Sharon’s leadership ability.  She possesses many talents and skills that all point towards leadership excellence.  She is an energetic and intelligent young woman who is bound to make a positive impacts on people and issues.

Sharon’s most obvious strength is her maturity.  She possesses many skills and talents typically found in graduate students.  Sharon listens well, asks appropriate questions, executes duties effectively and efficiently, and has great follow-up skills.IMG_5144

Another impressive quality is Sharon’s judgment.  Judgement is not something that is acquired or bestowed–it is an internal gift which includes wisdom, integrity, compassion, honor and ethics.  Sharon has excellent judgement, a trait that is rare these days.  Additionally, I consider her as level-headed and patient.  She interacts with people very appropriately: she does not overreact:  rather she listens, considers options, values and equality, seeks advise when necessary,  and then acts with care and sensitivity.  Sharon has gained my trust and repeat as a caring responsible person.

Sharon’s obvious qualities allowed her to be selected as the first ever Exercise Leader Coordinator at UNC’s HELM Program. This new position demanded a person who could setup systems, policy statements, training programs and more.  All this had to be done in a rather ambiguous atmosphere (since this was a brand new position).  Sharon handled this challenge with grace, dignity, and great success!

If it is not yet evident, I highly recommend Sharon Walton to you.  Assuming that you expect a high quality and committed person, I certainly recommend Sharon Walton to you.  She will be a valuable part go your organization as she is ours.

Mike Isaacson
HELM Coordinator
January, 1994


IMG_1912If you had the time to read it and I had time to write it, a 10 page letter of recommendation wouldn’t adequately cover all the positive qualities that Sharon possesses.

She is not only knowledgeable, but has the wisdom to effectively implement that knowledge.  This fact combined with her thoughtful, caring attitude makes her one of the most valuable employees I have ever found.

I would not hesitate to highly recommend Sharon for any career choice she may pursue.

Cam A. Vuksinich
1700 Grant Athletic Club


IMG_1933I know Sharon through her employment at Presbyterian Denver Hospital as a Rehabilitation Physical Therapy Aide.  Sharon has been a responsible, dependable employee who completes tasks without difficulty.  She is willing and able to take responsibility and follow through with her duties as a P.T. Aide.  She communicates well with our staff and brings up problems appropriately.  I highly recommend Sharon to you.

Esther R. Banford
Physical Therapist
August, 1991

*Some of these letters are written about me to people I have worked for in my past