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A New Year and Dining Out

Your Guide to Eating Out IMG_6646

  • Order from the appetizer menu where portions are better sized for one serving.


  • Choose baked, broiled or grilled options instead of fried or breaded varieties.


  • Estimate your portions to track how much you are eating.  An ounce is about the size of 4 dice and 3 ounces of meat is similar to the size of a deck of cards.


  • Ask for dressings, sauces and toppings on the side and choose vinaigrette- based salad dressings over creamy ones.


  • Drink low or no calorie water, herbal tea or black coffee rather then soft drinks and alcoholic beverages… It’s easy to drink a lot of calories without realizing it.


  • Ask for your water with “no ice”.  This allows your digestion “fire” to not be put out.


  • Pack snacks for your day.  Examples are nuts, seeds, fresh fruit and yogurt. So, when you begin your meal out, you are in control to eat a meal in moderation and enjoy your company.


  • If you end up eating an unhealthy meal, make the rest of your meals healthy.


  • Share treats with others.  Often how much you are eating is a bigger problem then what you are eating.  Take time to enjoy a single portion so that it truly satisfies you.


  • Drink plenty of water. Often our hunger is due to dehydration.