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The blessings are within the journey!  Each day, is an opportunity to make a difference in the lives of whom we come in contact with and through our God given gifts, we have the opportunity, EVERY DAY to do this!  It’s through the practice or repetition, over a long period of time, listening and becoming receptive, we get better at anything and through dedication and discipline we discover our true nature, which aligns us with God.  Whatever your chosen discipline/s may be, use them to serve others and glorify God.  -Sharon Denton

Welcome to Sharon Denton Yoga & Fitness. I’m honored to have this opportunity to help you make positive changes in your life! Together, we will find an exercise program, a nutrition plan and a way of living that will work for you and your lifestyle.

Balanced eating along with safe, effective exercise and simple lifestyle changes can and will make the difference in the success of your entire life. It’s my goal to help you to attain desired health changes through making adjustments nutritionally exercise/activity and life style habits. You will learn proper nutrition to include how to eat out, what to buy at the grocery store, fast food option and daily nutrient intake, exercise (cross training, weight lifting, proper form, exercise principles, home and travel exercise, yoga & stretching) and lifestyle modifications to include mindfulness, stress reduction techniques, foam rolling, taking the stairs, parking further away, etc.)

A balanced approach will enable you to optimize your health and help you to reshape your body and your mind.

Your body hears everything your mind says….

Note to Yoga Teachers:  All my yoga workshops can be used towards your continued education hours for Yoga Alliance

Yoga on the Terrace at Clearwater Beach Fitness
Begins again on Thursday, December 1st, 10:15am – $10/Class


cwb-logo7_2-SIDE-small-181-x-72 483 Mandalay Ave 220
Clearwater Beach, FL 33767
60 minute class designed to address the common areas of the body that suffer from tightness, congestion and IMG_6682discomfort.  Reconnect with your body and discover the daily difference it will make in your life.  Class will be held weekly.  If cold, wear layers to stay warm.  

Each session is a journey of self- discovery and personal growth.   The practice of yoga allows us to be expressive, creative, and connect to the present moment with a fresh perspective.
I invite you to experience the invigorating and vibrant, yet, tranquil and serene practice of yoga.



IMG_3172Yoga on the Beach with Clever Training

Will resume in April 2017. Class will be held the last Wednesday of each month.  

6:30 Run & 7:30pm Yoga
(On beach across from Clever Training, 16th beach access)
UnknownClever Training
1519 Gulf Blvd, Suite 1
Indian Rocks Beach, FL 33785

Donation offering

Join me on the beach for an evening of Yoga. Runners and athletes from

DSC_0707 Clever Training join together to breathe and stretch after their run.  All levels invited.  This evening practice will stretch out your body after your run and prepare you to sleep soundly.





My main business is private clientele.  Please contact me if your interested in private or duet sessions.   Call 312.925.9642 for more info.


Moon Days 2017

New Moon          Full Moon
Jan 27                     Jan 12
Feb 26                    Feb 10
Mar 27                   Mar 12
Apr 26                    Apr 11
May 25                   May 10
June 23                   June 9
July 23                     July 9
Aug 21                    Aug 7
Sept 20                   Sept 6
Oct 19                     Oct 5
Nov 18                    Nov 4
Dec 18                    Dec 3

Resting on the Moon Days is a way to honor one of nature’s most powerful cycles.  The human body is primarily composed of water (50% – 60% on average), the moon phases affect not only the tides of the oceans and seas, but the currents of our own bodies as well. On the Full Moon, our energies are waxing to a peak, and it is easy to fall out of balance towards too much vigor. On the New Moon, our energies are waning to their calmest, and we may find it difficult to rouse ourselves.

 Women are encouraged to rest from classes on the first three days of their monthly cycle.


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424950_337935346258974_823860522_nBook 2, verse 46 in Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras explains how asanas (postures), should contain the qualities of sthira (steadiness, ease) and sukha (joy, happiness).  By embodying this state of being on the yoga mat, we begin to cultivate an awareness of these qualities outside of the yoga asana practice. Once we become more available to the present moment, life becomes so rich and full and such a blessing, a celebration of all you have been given.

If your goal in coming to the yoga practice is for fitness and or weight loss, through a dedicated practice you will achieve this. The Ashtanga Vinyasa system heals the whole body, organs, joints, hormonal system, circulatory system, nervous system, energetic body and the mind.  Through the _MKP5503detoxification of heating the body through movement and static postures the body will cleanse, allowing for balancing to occur on may levels.  Focusing on the breath, core and inward gaze allows for healing to occur, releasing old memories and emotional scars, a gift to move forward.   The choices we begin to make increasingly continue to support our practice, as the benefits of eating nourishing light meals, getting proper rest, breathing more fully to witness life to it’s fullest are only a few of the ways our lives change when we embark on this journey of yoga.   Hope to see you in class.  Namaste.


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